Music Books for Windows Based Computers

Fast Guide to Cubase 4

This book covers all the important details of the software including recording, editing and arranging in the Project window, slicing and looping in the Sample editor, MIDI editing in the MIDI editors, and  mastering in the Mixer. In addition, installation and setting up are covered, and detailed information on recording techniques, EQ, compression, gating, limiting, effects, automation, surround sound, pattern-based arranging, quantizing, audio warping, tempo manipulation, synchronisation  and VST instruments is provided. The book is packed full of hints, tips and tutorials.

Reason 4 Power

Ideal For intermediate users, "Reason 4 Power!" walks you through step-by-step examples and exercises that unlock Reasons secrets and will help your composing and recording sessions run more smoothly. This guide is packed with tips that even experienced users may not be aware of. This updated edition explores the ReGroove mixer, Thor, RPG-8, the newly rebuilt sequencer, as well as valuable tricks of the trade.

Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

David Franz writes very clear about producing and recording. In this book, David Franz gives a great comprehensive knowledge about all the basic recording techniques and the newest technology. He also talks about producer's relationship with the artist and its role in all recording steps. The book is divided in three major chapters: preproduction, production and post production. His insightful guidelines help you get your feet on the recording business.

Making Music with Sonic Foundry ACID

Music Mart

If you've bought ACID then this is the book for you. Essential reading for any digital recording program. 
Sound on Sound, June 2002
If you want to progress beyond the basics, this should keep you going for several months. 

The Complete Pro Tools Handbook

The definitive guide to mastering the art of digital audio production with Pro Tools, the music industry's leading audio recording platform. With tips and tricks on everything from recording and editing to mixing and mastering, this easy-to-use reference unlocks the secrets of Pro Tools, one of most powerful computer-based digital audio production systems available. Providing step-by-step instruction, this fully illustrated guide covers getting up to speed, configuring and connecting equipment, plus beginning and advanced practical applications that will enable musicians to record, edit, reformat, and reorganize music.

Making Music with Ableton Live

* Learn to mix, remix, and compose with Live
* Swiftly and easily sketch out musical ideas with Live
* Technically edited and approved by Ableton
* With CD of loops, samples and templates

Covers installation and setting up whether on Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP. Learn how to use Live on stage, triggering from your computer, MIDI keyboard or Controllers, Using the software in a DJ environment cueing loops and looping within songs.

Cakewalk Power

Is the complete resource for musicians who create, record, and produce using Cakewalk software. This book is the first to deal exclusively with the Cakewalk Pro Audio software series, a product aimed at professional and home-hobbyist musicians in the digital age. "Cakewalk Power " is written for the beginning and intermediate user with some advanced topics also discussed. It teaches users about the software's major features and delves into lesser-known aspects of the product.

The Csound Book: Perspectives in Software Synthesis.

Covers both the basics of Csound, and the theoretical and musical concepts necessary to use the program effectively. Some of the things the text covers: additive, subtractive, FM, AM, FOF, granular, wavetable, waveguide, vector, LA and other hybrid methods.

"This is the most important book written in the last decade in the field of electronic music. Together with the new Csound technology, it will revolutionize electronic music." --Max Mathews, Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, Stanford University.

Music Projects with Propellerhead Reason:Trip Hop to Techno

Have you ever wanted to make music like your favourite artists and bands? Have you ever wondered how certain styles of music are composed and created? With this book and your copy of Reason, you can discover how it all works, and learn how to make great tracks in the musical style of your choice.Reason is perfectly suited to making electronic music, but it's capable of much more than that. This book shows you how different styles of music are put together and how you can make them for yourself in Reason.Ideal for everyone from beginners to experienced users. It contains detailed workshops on eight major musical genres - Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Dub, House, Techno, Trip Hop, Trance and Club.

260 Drum Machine Patterns

This book is clear to understand & contains a small section of clear reading to make sure you get how it works, It shows you the patterns as musical score as well as a typical midi score.

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